The IT Crowd Season 4

The IT Crowd Season 4 is coming out on Channel 4 Friday, June 25th & you can watch the first Episode on their site if you are in the UK or you “will have to find a UK proxy to watch through, and you’ll have to register an account”.

Series 4 | The IT Crowd | Jen the Fredo
Jen wants to stretch herself in the workplace so applies for the post of Entertainment Manager. But when she finds out that amusing her boss Douglas’ business connections has its darker side, she has to turn to Moss and Roy for help.

via Boing Boing

If you are unfamiliar with The IT Crowd, I highly recommend checking out some clips on YouTube. If you think you might be into it, try catching up on past episodes, whatever medium you enjoy watching shows. I’ve been a big fan since Season 1.

The IT Basement 360° Panorama is also pretty cool!