Out with the old

My skate site, haveboard.com had not seen a redesign since 2006 so I put things in gear and got a new custom WordPress theme with a lot of new plugins in effect. I wrote about it here as well as in my featured work section.

Jetty Life upgrade

I recently had the pleasure to work with Jetty Clothing on their website. They already had a site built on top of WordPress but they wanted to do a little more as well as have some freedom to updating their homepage. I had the pleasure of working with Nick Zegel on this project. Read about the

Happy Cog’aoke 2 Performance or The Day I Broke My Collarbone

I’d like to thank everyone who voted for me to perform at Happy Cog’aoke 2 this year. I came in 5th place in the voting. This meant I was the 5th last performance of the evening, which tends to give performers a little bit of an upperhand since the audience has had more time to

haveboard digital cameo on foursquare piece

Nicole Brewer of CW/CBS3 did a report on Foursquare in Philly at PYT and although I couldn’t make it, I did make the video via someone’s Foursquare page due to my check-in. Sweet Brag, I know.

Ok Happy Cog’aoke 2 is here and I need your votes!

I am in the running to perform karaoke once again at SXSWi this year for Happy Cog’s Ok Happy Cog’aoke 2. Please head over to my contestant page and place your vote every day for the next four days.

Collab between Designers and Developers

As a developer, I tend to work alongside designers quite a bit. I’m really glad that Revision Six posted these Tips for Designers Working with Developers so I don’t have to. I’ve had to explain many of these tips to designers over and over again. I think I will ask then to read this post

New UCPGG.org launches

On December 8, 2009 ucpgg.org was relaunched with a new website in collaboration with the Wildfire Agency, Damien DeChurch, and myself.

Meljoy.com is Live

Last week Meljoy.com launched and I’m quite happy with the outcome. It was my first venture into using wordpress for a client’s portfolio site. The thumbnails on the right hand site are her Work, and the left shows the blog as well as the detail view of the Work section. This site is hosted on