is Live


Last week launched and I’m quite happy with the outcome. It was my first venture into using wordpress for a client’s portfolio site. The thumbnails on the right hand site are her Work, and the left shows the blog as well as the detail view of the Work section.

This site is hosted on godaddy on a windows server. It is also an aliased domain. This became a major hurdle when I moved the site from the development environment to the the production server. I had to disable clean URLs in wordpress, and because it is an aliased domain, the site pages, although at root level have to show the name of the aliased directory along with the domain name like this: I wasn’t particularly happy with this for many reasons, including SEO. I believe you can get clean URLs working on a godaddy windows server, but it no simple task, and I regretfully could not spend any more time on it. My experience is more on the Linux Server side of things, so it is always an interesting task when a client has a windows server. Maybe next time I’ll dive in and get that working, godaddy.

Have a look and check out all the amazing stuff that Melanie does. Feedback Is definitely welcome.