Everyone’s getting married!

My good friends Julius & Kristen are tying the knot this September and they needed an RSVP/Wedding Website for their guests to easily get information about the big day. I was happy to assist them in building an easy to update site based on a design they provided.

I took the background provided in the design and made it stretch to the full width of the site regardless of browser or device resolution. I even took the time to make sure everything was looking good on iPads, iPhones, and other mobile devices. Even though each page’s content is displayed with a fadein effect, I made sure that users without Javascript would be able to see all the content with no issues. The pages simply become 1 page with the navigation anchoring down to the different sections.

The other feature built into the site that I’m very happy with is the ability to use the user’s current location to obtain directions to the wedding without typing in any address information (if their browser supports it). The user will be prompted upon visiting the site if they would like to allow their device’s current location to be used. If they do, clicking a link will open up Maps or Google Maps and display directions from where ever they are.

Congratulations, Julius & Kristen!

While we are on the subject of Weddings…

I’d like to also take up some space here to congratulate another duo who I am happy to also call my good friends. Matthew & Sabah will be getting married a week earlier. I did not work on their Wedding site as Matthew is also a very talented Web Developer but I figured since their weddings are back to back weekends, it was an appropriate place to give them a nod and congratulations.

Congratulations, Matthew & Sabah!