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Windows Safari Bug with jQuery and video content

I seem to be having an issue that is strictly happening in Safari (5.1 (7534.50)) on Windows XP. I googled a bunch of different things but can’t seem to find someone with the same issues so I made a JSFiddle & documenting what I’m experiencing here. The goal is to have a div that is

A Few Links aka Long Time No Update

I’ve been real busy this past year. Check out Julius Reeves Photography, Titan Street (Mike Stein), Goodwin Design Group, Love The Squalor, Fifth Pocket Design, Lookout for the Cookout, City Kitties & Awesome Dudes Printing to see a little bit of what I’ve been up to. These are just some of the sites I’ve worked

Collab between Designers and Developers

As a developer, I tend to work alongside designers quite a bit. I’m really glad that Revision Six posted these Tips for Designers Working with Developers so I don’t have to. I’ve had to explain many of these tips to designers over and over again. I think I will ask then to read this post