Monthly archives: June, 2011

One Eyed Willie falls off of the counter

I seem to be addicted to animated gifs from my videos lately. This one is of my cat One Eyed Willie falling off the counter in an effort to get me to pet him. He does this all the time. Here is the full video the gif was created from: Although this gif or the one previously

DTO at the Mollywoppers Block Party – Fredbanging

This gif was requested by Jason. DTO played ‘Lolita’ at the Mollywoppers’ Block Party and Fred got knocked out by his own Fredbanging. i filmed some video:

Everyone’s getting married!

My good friends Julius & Kristen are tying the knot this September and they needed an RSVP/Wedding Website for their guests to easily get information about the big day. I was happy to assist them in building an easy to update site based on a design they provided. I took the background provided in the design and made it

A Few Links aka Long Time No Update

I’ve been real busy this past year. Check out Julius Reeves Photography, Titan Street (Mike Stein), Goodwin Design Group, Love The Squalor, Fifth Pocket Design, Lookout for the Cookout, City Kitties & Awesome Dudes Printing to see a little bit of what I’ve been up to. These are just some of the sites I’ve worked