MikeSteinDesign.com is alive! R.I.P. TitanStreet.com

My good friend Mike Stein contacted me recently to reboot his web presence for his design portfolio. I had built the original iterations of his website years ago and it had been a while since we had touch the design or code. The old site was on an outdated version of WordPress and was in no way mobile friendly. That has now all been taken care of. Continue reading “MikeSteinDesign.com is alive! R.I.P. TitanStreet.com”

125 days later…

Originally published on Medium. I am reposting here on my 200th day since I stopped drinking.

I made this as a comment on a friend’s facebook status about their wanting to cut back/stop drinking. Today makes 125 days since I stopped myself, which is about 4 months. I’m sharing it here (with some edits) just in case someone else might be considering taking the plunge. I know that other people sharing their decisions helped me out a lot. I hate feeling preachy and by no means does anything positive I’m doing for myself or saying about it makes me feel that I’m better than anyone else. Far from it. I just got to a point where I knew this is what I needed for myself. Continue reading “125 days later…”